Useful information-faq.

Where can I send flowers? You can send flowers all over the city of Rome and province as indicated on the form in step 2, in some cases for distances from us that are not served it is best to contact the customer service.

www.lartefiori.it will guide you step by step in the purchase of an item of catalog flowers.

How to order:With The artefiori you can order your floral gifts in a simple fast and safe via the internet in just a few minutes and with just a few clicks, or by calling directly at n°06.863.299.48

On the home page choose "products" category, once you choose the free gift, then add to cart, Write the text of the ticket you want to attach , PROCEED WITH THE CHECKOUT, if you are a new customer and do not want to register, continue as a guest, write in the required data, then SAVES, at step 2, choose the mode of delivery, then, at step 3 choose your payment method CONFIRM ORDER once you have finished the payment process you will receive a confirmation e-mail. FOR fast orders, you can use the mail module on the Home page, enter the product code, type the required information and submit, you will get assistance by the staff of The Artefiori.

After making the purchase you will immediately receive via email the confirmation of the order with the respective number and a complete summary.The artefiori will receive a copy of the order and confirmation of payment.This message is the only automated response of our server that is sent when the order management passes in the procedure of the Bank empowered to manage the collection by credit card.The order will only be accepted when payment is made, and the Bank will release the virtual receipt attesting to the successful outcome of the operation .In the event that the Bank does not issue the receipt for the order is to be deemed to be not accepted, and you can feel free from every constraint in the us.In the case of payment by bank transfer, postal or telegraphic money order, the order will be accepted at the time of receipt of the fax confirming the payment.

As a rule do not execute orders if before we received the financial coverage.

If you do not receive a confirmation of your order, please contact with The ertefiori.


Can I customize the flowers ?The tribute can be customized upon request to n°06.863.299.48,verified the feasibility will then be confirmed in the additional notes of the order form , after submission you will receive in short time an e-mail confirmation from The artefiori flowers online. In some cases, it was required to accompany the floral tribute with a fine bottle of champagne or Italian sparkling wine, wine, perfumes craft or a gadget, such requests can be matched only to the floral tributes may not be sold from sun. In the catalogue to the section, give the gift of roses is a page with some suggestions.customer service

Photos of the tribute

The artefiori undertakes, if the customer request in the order form ,send a postcard containing the photograph of the floral tribute delivered. We hope to be able to better satisfy his expectations.

The product shown in the picture is respected?The products displayed on this site may sometimes differ slightly in colors and shapes, The use of seasonal flowers are subject to natural changes, the florist, The Artefiori has its own creativity and experience, and will do everything to comply with the photos in the catalog , so it's possible that a deck that runs, in reality, is slightly different from that shown. We guarantee, however, that every deck, and every composition of flowers is made individually with fresh flowers, and, to the extent possible, corresponds in form and color to that of the illustration. The prices indicated in the catalogue are inclusive of vat.

What is the difference between the words classic, gold, and top?

The classic meets in general the proposal of the purchase price excluding the category of the rose stem where it is indicated for number. The proposed options gold and top allow you in certain categories or in certain processes to have the exact number of stems that make it up, usually the stems, only the flower not the additions of furniture, therefore, with this proposal, you can send a bunch bigger in proportion to the price, the quality remains unchanged for all options, but this shows the amount of stems that will differentiate the classic and compose the deck.

How can I check and follow the status of my order?

To follow the status of your order, send an email to servizioclienti@lartefiori.it, or contact our customer service.

How can I be sure that the flowers have been delivered?

Usually we send an sms to the number left in the orders form from the sender , alternatively we will send you an e-mail to confirm that your order has been delivered, however, on some days, particularly loads of orders The Artefiori will not send messages or mail, this will mean that the order has gone to a good end, and that in case of difficulty we will contact the person who placed the order. You will receive this email within 24 hours from delivery. Make sure, therefore, you've provided a correct e-mail address and you have entered in your personal address book, the e-mail address servizioclienti@lartefiori.itso that e-mail does not end up in spam.

Deliveries for the same day?Yes, we work directly with our florist , covering everything from the municipality of Rome, we Accept deliveries for the same day for orders received before 17.30 hours , in case you can not make the shipment you will be notified during the purchase process. In the case of a service to perform in places outside of Rome, or outside the GRANDE RACCORDO ANULARE we are not served, or not included in the price as is specified in the module, it will be appropriate to agree in advance with The artefiori the feasibility and costs of the service. In the case where the distance indicated is different from the indications provided by the customer in the order form and the courier has already taken charge of the floral tribute will bring you to the end, where it is necessary, The Artefiori will send a payment request to the sender for the additional amount necessary to cover the cost of the courier.

The indication of the delivery time slot (morning/afternoon/) must be of the same order, in this case, is not to be shown any time. Deliveries during the morning and appear within the 14,00, while those of the afternoon after this time.

Deliveries to time: request delivery at a specific time requires an extra cost of €9.90 in addition to the reference price indicated by C. to.p. in the order form.

The store The Artefiori started its activity to the hours 8.00 for this reason, requests deliveries to time take place after the 9.30 a.m. this option is with the exclusion of the day on February 14th,Mother's day, Women's day 23/24/25 Compact 30 December due to high demand of orders.

If the person at the time of delivery is not in the house? For this reason, it is important that the data entered on the order form are correct, especially the telephone number and the receiving person is available to enable to successfully run your order. We cannot assume any responsibility for delays or missed deliveries due to incorrect or incomplete information. To enable us to execute the order on time and without inconvenience, it is appropriate to provide the following additional information

• In case of deliveries In hospitals give the name, personnel, and the department and, if possible, the number of the room .

• In case of deliveries In hotels indicate if possible the room number and the name under which the recipient is registered (group, spouses, etc).

.If the recipient is not found in the regular business hours of the store, or he does not respond to the invitation to contact us as soon as possible we will inform you

Phone number: the phone number of the recipient as required in the orders form is required, in some cases, it may happen that the recipient is notified of delivery in the short term.

Delays in deliveries -If a delivery is delayed due to circumstances beyond our control (such as, for example, a wrong address, absence of the your recipient's lack of necessary information ) we do not guarantee any refund. If your recipient is absent, we will try to contact them or leave a warning in the middle of mailbox/, sms or otherwise at the time the courier deems appropriate, asking to be called to agree a new delivery date this, in some cases, request a refund fee equal to the portion of the delivery itself.

Order cancellation:the right of revocation of the order

The Artefiori mostly works with fresh flowers purchased each morning in a condition that said some of the rules for the reimbursement request:


1 However, a ordering flowers for home delivery can be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to the date of delivery indicated on the form order indicating the order number. For all cancelled orders will be deducted from the refund an amount of 8.00 euros for administrative expenses.

2 A cancellation after this deadline can only be accepted in exceptional circumstances and is not guaranteed reimbursement of the value of the order.Finally, if an order is canceled the same day of the scheduled delivery date,not yet set in, and not withdrawn for delivery from the courier, you will be issued a refund equal to 90% of the order, in addition to the administrative costs.

3 cancellation requests should be sent to the e-mail servizioclienti@lartefiori.it and at the same time to the fax number 06.863.299.48 during normal business hours or, you may call customer service during opening hours from 8.00 to 19.30

4 In the case where a recipient refuses the delivery of the flowers, the Artefiori can not issue any refund.

Delivery rejected:

If a recipient refuses the delivery of the flowers, The Artefiori can not issue any refund.

The Artefiori is not responsible if the flowers or the plants lose their quality because of the delivery information wrong provided by the buyer or changes required by the same.

Will be considered to be regularly carried out the delivery of a floral tribute that the addressee refuses to accept.

In the absence of the recipient, the carrier, the delivery will try to contact the same, in the case where it will not be traceable back to the flowers will be left on the door or the neighbor who will accept them or leave a warning in the middle of mailbox/, sms, or else that at the time the courier deems appropriate, asking to be called at 06 86329948 to agree a new delivery date if made within the two days following the date shown on the orders form, this operation requires a reimbursement fee equal to the portion of the delivery itself.

In some cases, it may happen that the delivery is not successful end for reasons not attributable to The Artefiori , in the case in which the floral tribute must be returned at a later date more than two days from the above by the customer in the orders form The Artefiori will have the right to request in addition to the cost of the return, an amount equal to 40% of the value of the homage to the face of the recovery of costs.

How to keep flowers

For a longer life in the vase of the cut flowers that you have purchased or have been donated, you must:
- Choose a pot of appropriate size and shape, and to have a sufficient amount of water reserve to compensate for that which gradually is lost to transpiration.
- The Flowers should have the space to open up and air can circulate freely between a flower and the other.
- Never leave the flowers without water, and check daily that the amount of water in the container is sufficient, but not excessive.

Keep away the flowers from the fruit and the vegetables, producing ethylene gas, which speed up the flowering at the expense of durability.

Keep the flowers in place is not ventilated and with a good degree of humidity: dry air and the air currents cause premature wilting of the flower.
- During the night, place the flowers in a place the more can fresh, even outdoors if the night temperature is 15-20°C. note, however, to sudden changes of temperature, which may cause a fast withering.
Try to change the water every day, if there is no nourishment.
Cut the flowers when purchased at an oblique angle (the rose of 3 or 4 cm) with a sharp blade.
Repeat the operation of cutting day-to-day at least 1 inch.
Always remove the lower leaves so that they are not in contact with the water.
Do not expose flowers to the sun nor to the currents of air and not even near to any heat source because this accelerated the evaporation of water from the leaves and from the flower which can not be compensated by the aspiration of the flowers of the water from the pot.
A dry and warm, does it always shrivel quickly the flowers as well as the wind.
Do not place them near the fruit because it gives off ethylene which is a powerful poison to the flowers and makes them wilt very quickly.

If you have received a composition in the bowl you have to every day or two, pour a glass of water and always keeping a wet sponge, where they are housed with the flowers, and by doing so you will have a greater duration of the floral composition.

The sugar is the magic ingredient
curated by the Dutch Office of Flowers

FloraHolland has tested a good number of the most frequent home remedies, which are currently used by consumers to prolong the vase life of cut flowers. The tests were carried out on roses and lisianthus. The researchers assessed the vase life, blooming and the way the flower opens in the basis of the fact that they were used in drinks, light refreshments, aspirin, and nutrients to cut flowers, coins with or without copper, or chlorine in the different assays. The laboratory has sought to replicate as faithfully as possible the home environment.

Tests have shown that the nourishment is normal for the cut flowers and the soft drinks (7up in this case) have a better effect on the flowers, compared to tap water. The excellent results achieved by 7up are attributable to the sugar content in the drink and its acidity level.
In general, however, the other common remedies do not demonstrate a net improvement compared to the tap water. In fact, many of these substances have a negative effect on the quality of the foliage. Aspirin has a disastrous effect on the leaves, especially on lisianthus flowers. After only one day of treatment, the leaves are dried and become brown. Also the coins and the addition of chlorine does not have proven benefits. A high dosage of chlorine has damaged the stems and yellowed leaves of the roses.

Amount and mode of payment

All prices are inclusive of VAT, other arrangements may provide for the necessary additional expenses that you will find indicated in the procedure of purchase or as agreed by phone

The system of payment orders:

The credit card Payments are made through the secure circuit to the Pay Pal or MultiSafepay/

IF you CHOOSE TO PAY WITH PAY PAL -once you have submitted the order to open the page protected by PayPal, if you are already a paypal customer, everything will be done in a simple way by entering the password of your choice, or, by clicking on the phrase "don't have a PayPal account ?- you will see the page where are listed the forms of payment you choose your paper type, add the required data, click on continue verifying the order. at this point the procedure will be terminated, after a few minutes riceverài a confirmation of the payment,the same copy will be sent to The artefiori that will load the order as required.

If you choose to Pay with GestPay platform - Banca sella, please follow the simple instructions step-by-step

Payment request by e-Mail-and request Payment via email and PayPal is fast and secure, can accept payments online via credit card,Paypal, bank account and PayPal balance.Once the order is received , via email, we will send you the payment request will only need to click on the link or the button in it to make the payment.

The credit card data are not stored on our server: the charge takes place online through a secure link with the credit card company. Pay Pal is the method that is easy and intuitive to pay. Click on the button "Pay Now" enter in the protected circuit to the Pay Pal and follow the directions after the transaction, The artefiori receive a copy of the confirmation of the transaction and the order will be taken in charge, at the same time after the transaction is completed, you will receive an email confirmation of the order.

The data of the credit card are handled by paypal or Multisafepay guarantee the absolute security of the transaction at the time of payment, you will be automatically directed to the server where the data of your credit card information will be acquired through an HTTPS connection protected by the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer) with an encryption level minimum of 128bits.

We may NOT be aware of the data relating to your credit card but only the status of the payment. The procedure of the charge takes place directly on the secure server, indicated

What are the data to make the bank transfer?

The data are the following:

The artefiori Samantha Olita

Unicredit Banca di Roma


EN 26 M 02008 39242 000400385349

send copy of the bank transfer info@lartefiori.it


Bank transfer from Abroad:

The artefiori Samantha Olita

Bic-(SWIFT code)- UNCRITM 1440


Iban new EN 48 Y 02008 05119 000400385349

send a copy attesting to the payment occurred info@lartefiori.it



After making the payment send as soon as possible the receipt by fax to

(+39)0686329948 or via e-mail to info@lartefiori.it by adding the Vs. name and phone number.


Other types of payment must be previously agreed upon with the florist via telephone, fax or e-mail.

more information in the menu to The service

As a rule do not execute orders if before we received the financial coverage.

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