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With The artefiori you can order your floral gifts in a simple and secure way via the internet in just a few minutes with a few clicks,or by calling the n°06.863.299.48

With The artefiori send flowers to Rome has never been so easy, thanks to the direct line orders floral gifts are recorded and executed from the florist that received the order, with the utmost care he baked the floral gift You choose to send Your emotions in Rome.
Hours of WORK: between the hours of 08.00 to 19.30 hours no stop.
Sunday from 09.30 to 13.00.
Closing days: December 25 Afternoon, 26 December, 1 January, 6 January afternoon,Monday of Easter, 25 April, 1 May, 2 June, 29 June San.Peter and Paul, also, SUNDAYS are The last two of the month of July where the delivery service is suspended in this case, incoming orders will be delivered the next day or as early on Saturday agreeing with the customer, while the Sundays of August the vacation period declared The Artefiori will suspend the service. It can happen in exceptional circumstances that, in these special days we can be in service, try to contact the customer service at N° 0686329948.

With The artefiori you can Customize your floral gifts with the addition of sparkling wine, champagne, wine, chocolates, gadgets, etc..these products may not be sold alone.

With the sole exception of the orders of the category of Mourning
The execution of the orders for all the holidays of the Month of December, 20,21,22,23,24,Christmas, Valentine's day, women's day, Mother's day, the delivery may be advanced or delayed in time, which if specified, will not be binding and that the delivery of floral tributes can be done beyond the normal working hours.
However, it is possible in these special days please contact the customer service at N° 0686329948 and ask for information on the possibility to make the delivery at the appointed time.
If the flowers requested are not available or not available, the florist is authorized to substitute flowers that are similar and of the same value,or higher.
In the case where the data of the recipient (name, address, and telephone number) are incorrect or incomplete, any costs arising from non-delivery, shall be borne by the customer.
In the event that the end recipient of the gift should refuse the receipt of the gift for reasons not attributable to us or to the courier for delivery, the order must be considered as executed and no refund may be due to the customer who placed the order.
In the case in which the flowers to be delivered have been picked up for delivery and on the road ,the address of the previously declared can not be changed, however, in this case, it is recommended to call the customer service 0686329948 + info see the Faq.

CONTRIBUTION to the cost of delivery. Home delivery requires a fee equivalent to the cost of the service, is offered by The Artefiori . the share contribution to the cost of delivery will be automatically added once the customer has inserted the cap.

General conditions of sale e-commerce
General conditions of contract
Refer to legislative Decree 22 may 1999, n. 185

The following general terms and conditions apply exclusively to consumers as defined by the regulation on distance contracts.
Orders placed by individuals who operate within the sphere of their profession or companies, must identify themselves as such in the phase of placing of the order. In case you do not make the orders are made by the consumer.
The order placed by the customer is subject to the acceptance of:
The artefiori Samantha Olita via Ignazio Giorgi,45 - 00162Roma
Fax/Tel.06.863.299.48 info@lartefiori.it

The acceptance will be sent by e-mail to the address provided by the customer. The artefiori Samantha Olita is the owner of the e-commerce site www.lartefiori.it.
The purchase of products from the website presupposes the knowledge and acceptance by the Customer of the general sales conditions described below:

Orders are accepted only for delivery in the territory of the municipality of Rome and subject to express acceptance to other neighboring cities.in this case, please contact us at n° 0686329948 , alternatively, choose a different option in the fill in order to step 2.

The conclusion of the contract.
The contract between the artefiori and the Customer shall be concluded only from the moment of acceptance, even if partial, of an order by the owner of the site. The acceptance of Customer's order is considered to have occurred only if communicated in writing.

The Customer, at the time of the conclusion of His order, declares to be aware of all the indications to he supplied during the purchase procedure and fully accept the terms provided to him during the purchase procedure and accept the general conditions and payment below transcribed.It is excluded any right of the Customer to any compensation of damages or compensation, and any contractual liability or tort for direct or indirect damages to persons and/or things, provokes to you from the lacked acceptance, also partial, of an order.
The Customer undertakes to print or to save copy electronic and however to conserve the present general conditions of sale, as provided by art. 3 and 4 of the Dlgs 185/1999 on distance sales.

Management of the order
His ordination will be performed directly by The artefiori For any question or information concerning your order, call n°06.863.299.48 the florist is at his disposal .
The delivery of flowers can be made normally during the normal opening hours of the shop .
The flowers are a seasonal product. For this reason, it is not always available the entire range and therefore we can not guarantee that all varieties of flowers are always available, especially in the case of orders in the short term.
It is therefore possible that a deck that runs, in reality, is slightly different from that shown. We guarantee, however, that every deck, and every composition of flowers is made individually with fresh flowers, and, to the extent possible, corresponds in form and color to that of the illustration.
In such cases, however, it is always ensured the delivery of a floral arrangement having an identical value,The artefiore is committed if the customer makes the request in the order form, send a postcard containing the photograph of the floral tribute delivered.
We hope to be able to better satisfy his expectations.
We remain at your disposal for any other need.

By clicking on the button ‘complete the order’, you will receive within a short time a confirmation of your order via email containing the order number as well as detailed information about the product purchased, price, date of delivery and the address of the sender and of the recipient.

This message is the only automated response of our server that is sent when the order management passes in the procedure of the Bank empowered to manage the collection by credit card.
The order will only be accepted when payment is made, and the Bank will release the virtual receipt attesting to the successful outcome of the operation .
In the event that the Bank does not issue the receipt for the order is to be deemed to be not accepted, and you can feel free from every constraint in the us.
In the case of payment by bank transfer, postal or telegraphic money order, the order will be accepted at the time of receipt of the fax confirming the payment.

And keep in mind that the order will be accepted and executed at the time of receipt of the order or confirmation from the bank of the payment, usually about 5 days because of the time accredited that vary from bank to bank.
As a rule do not execute orders if before we received the financial coverage.

If you do not receive a confirmation of your order, please contact with The ertefiori n° 0686329948

It is of fundamental importance for The artefiori that the customer is satisfied of our performance. You can be assured that all his orders will be carried out with competence and quality and that the flowers and compositions will be delivered fresh.
We guarantee the management scrupulous of each order:

Guarantee The artefiori

  1. • the delivery of the ordered goods within the limits previously expressed regarding the availability of the product
  2. • the quality and absolute freshness of the product
  3. • delivery for the day required except in cases of force majeure not attributable to The Artefiori,or non-availability of the recipient.
  4. With this warranty we are committed to execute every order with dedication, care and the highest quality. If despite this should not be satisfied with the delivery or the quality of the product, please send us a note within a maximum of 24 hours from delivery via the Internet to our e-mail: info@lartefiori.it
  5. In the case in which the customer claims the refund of previously purchased product and the contested: .Any disputes about the mode of execution of the order or about the quality of the floral gifts received must be made within 24 hours of the day of delivery, the refund equal to the value of the product takes place after the return of the tribute cd,the same, as these products are fresh,must be done within 24/hours of receipt, the return of the product must be preceded by the photographic image of the floral tribute should be sent to info@lartefiori.it
  6. In the event that the end recipient of the gift should refuse the receipt of the gift for reasons not attributable to us or to the courier for delivery, the order must be considered as executed and no refund may be due to the customer who placed the order.
  7. For further questions or comments, want to contact The artefiori n° 06.863.299.48 thank you for your trust and confidence.Price prices of flowers are subject to seasonal fluctuations and regional.
  8. For all the "floral tributes "The artefiori" prices are bound from the moment of ordering until the day of delivery.
  9. The prices indicated in the catalogue are inclusive of vat
  10. In the case of a service to perform in places outside of Rome,or outside the GRANDE RACCORDO ANULARE we are not served, or not included in the price shown will be appropriate to agree in advance with The artefiori the feasibility and costs of the service.

Are not guaranteed deliveries in places with difficulties and limits of access (ex: places military) or the historic center with ZTL

In the case where the distance indicated is different from the indications provided by the customer in the order form and the courier has taken in charge the floral tribute, and take it to the end, in this case, where you need The Artefiori will send a payment request to the sender for the additional sum required by the courier.

For orders or information, please contact us.

Amount and mode of payment
All prices are inclusive of VAT
The payment is normally by credit card,bonificobancario,postal money order,
Other types of payment must be previously agreed upon with the florist via telephone, fax or e-mail.

Validity of the offer
The offer is valid if the delivery is expected within 7 days from the order

Order cancellation:the right of revocation of the order

The Artefiori mostly works with fresh flowers purchased each morning in a condition that said some of the rules for the reimbursement request:


1 However, a ordering flowers for home delivery can be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to the date of delivery indicated on the form order indicating the order number. For all cancelled orders will be deducted from the refund an amount of 8.00 euros for administrative expenses.

2 A cancellation after this deadline can only be accepted in exceptional circumstances and is not guaranteed reimbursement of the value of the order. Finally, if an order is canceled the same day of the expected delivery date and already picked up for delivery from the courier, you will be issued a refund equal to 70% of the order, in addition to the expenses of management of the transaction with the credit card, the transaction, otherwise the refund will be processed at 50% of this sum will be retained to the front of the total management of the order.

3 cancellation requests should be sent to the e-mail servizioclienti@lartefiori.it and at the same time to the fax number 06.863.299.48 during normal business hours or, you may call customer service during opening hours from 8.00 to 19.30

4 In the case where a recipient refuses the delivery of the flowers, the Artefiori can not issue any refund.

A certificate of confidentiality.
The artefiori undertakes to guarantee the confidentiality of your personal data.the information released through the orders form will be used exclusively for the purposes of completion of the required service.

The protection of personal data:
In the execution of this agreement, The artefiori is committed to full compliance with the existing legislation regarding privacy provided by art.7 D. Lgsl. 196/2003.
The artefiori ensures that the collection and processing of personal data of users, will be exclusively for the provision of this service in full compliance with the legislation on processing of personal data and privacy (Legislative decree 196/03 and subsequent amendments).
The artefiori will proceed to the processing of data provided by You for the following purposes: to Execute the order you have requested, In no case the personal information about our customers is disclosed to third parties.
The ordering of products and services from our site is carried out by means of an order. The information immessevi are required of us, the contractual partner, for the delivery of the goods and for the confirmation of the order to the customer. The personal data are also used, if necessary, to make contact with the customer. Are not used instead to send e-mails and information about our company.

Contacts and complaints
For any questions related to the above, to the use or operation of this website, please contact us at the following address:

Is excluded any right of customer to damages or compensation, and any contract or tort liability for direct or indirect damages to persons and/or property caused by goods purchased at The artefiori

Applicable law
Every contract of sale is concluded in Italy (Rome)and governed by Italian Law.

The system of payment orders
Payments via credit card. Bank Transfer, Postal Order-

In any case, The artefiori will be aware of the details relating to your credit card.
To ensure the security of transactions, at the time of payment, you will be directed automatically on the server PayPalo other enabled where the data of your credit card details will be collected via a secure HTTPS connection using the SSL system (SecureSocketLayer) with a level of encryption at a minimum of 128bits.

Payments by postal order

After you have selected a floral tribute with the normal procedure of purchase on-line
Scan the postal order, and the purpose of the postal order must be specified the order number, the number that will be displayed on the order confirmation page, but you can also find in the e-mail order confirmation that will be sent to you automatically by our system at the time of submission of the order.
confirm the payment by sending us by Fax.the n°06.863.299.48 copy of the order or by e-mail info@lartefiori.it
the florist will confirm the receipt of the payment and the order will be delivered in the manner chosen by You.

The money order must be ordinary and made payable to:
Samantha Olita
via Ignazio Giorgi,45
00162 Rome
Payments by bank transfer

Proceed with the normal procedure of purchase on-line by sending the order to our system...Scan the bank transfer and a as the causal of the bank transfer, please specify the order number, the number that will be displayed on the order confirmation page, but you can also find in the e-mail order confirmation that will be sent to you automatically by our system at the time of submission of the order.

The transfer must be made payable to:
The artefiori Samantha Olita
Unicredit Banca di Roma
EN 26 M 02008 39242 000400385349.

Bank transfer from Abroad:
The artefiori Samantha Olita
Bic-(SWIFT code)- UNCRITM 1440
EN 26 M 02008 39242 000400385349.

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